Dr Sargolzaei will present at The North Carolina Transportation Center of Excellence

Dr. Sargolzaei will present at “NC-CAV Center of Excellence on Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Technology” on Friday September 30, 2022 3:00PM-4:00PM. The title of invited talk is “Testing and Verifying the Security of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles“.


Overview: The potential benefits of connected autonomous vehicles (CAV) are numerous, and society is expecting that this technology will increase the quality of everyday life and follow through on its promises. However, to be effective, they must be tested to demonstrate a standard level of safety and security. The complex and interconnected nature of the transportation system makes the task of testing and verification exceedingly difficult, raising serious concerns regarding their safety and security. It, thus, calls for new problem formulation and a novel systematic approach for the task of CAV testing and verification. The existing testing solutions use ad-hoc methods, such as miles driven, to demonstrate some indication of safety, often assuming that the CAV’s perception of the surrounding environment is comprehensive and ideal. However, no fundamental structure has been developed to demonstrate the security of CAV products. Here, we discuss a systematic approach to test the security of CAVs in an unique extended reality testing platform which has been enriched with mixed reality (MR) and vehicle-in-the-loop (ViL) testing. The joining of MR and ViL is unique, enabling real-world CAV security experimentation like never before.

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