About Us

Vision: A secure smart world

Mission: Enhancing the quality of life for people, with assuring security and privacy concerns through extensive collaboration among multi-disciplinary fields for better understanding, advanced prevention, control, and solutions.

RANCS research lab is to design, implement and verify control and communication systems for safety-critical cyber-physical systems, in order to provide the infrastructure and support services necessary to engage faculty and students interested in multidisciplinary research, educational activities, or community services. Our ability to address real-world problems in a comprehensive manner attracted external fundings and this allows us to on our goals in research and education. The RANCS research laboratory focuses on advancing the science in the field of Networked Control Systems (NCSs).  NCSs are used in several safety-critical cyber-physical systems such as power systems, transportation systems (unmanned aerial and ground vehicles), and biomedical systems which are our focused applications. The RANCS goal is to make our world smarter. To achieve this goal, we invested in the autonomy of NCSs. However, autonomy can reduce the safety and security of systems. Therefore, RANCS also focuses on the resiliency of NCSs.


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University of South Florida

Tampa, FL, 33620.