After School STEM Program for K12 and College Educators

Project Description:

As an educator, it is crucial to stay informed about global trends in order to effectively prepare students for the future. The outreach program aims to support educators in staying updated on global trends by offering self-paced modules demonstrations. These modules are designed as standalone lessons that progressively build upon each other, covering topics such as the basics of connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) and related mathematical and physical concepts. Demonstrations accompany each topic to showcase how the technology functions and its implications for CAVs.


A week-long workshop aimed at K-12 and college educators.

Three days covering outreach modules.

Educators are grouped by background (math, physics, science) to review and adapt these modules for their lectures.


Stipend to complete the workshop: $1200 per participant

The workshop will be held both in person and online.

A $100 travel expense will be provided per participant if they choose to attend in person.

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