Current Students

James Holland

James Holland is a Ph.D. student of Mechanical Engineering at Tennessee Technological University. His interest in both hardware and software is of no surprise to those who know James. His research interests are machine learning, cybersecurity, and testing and verification of connected and autonomous vehicles. He joined the RANCS research group as an undergraduate during his freshman year. For as long as he can remember, James has been an avid tinkerer, exploring the intricacies of technology whether it be an old motherboard or an antique car.

Parisa Ansari

Parisa Ansari Bonab is a Ph.D. student of Mechanical Engineering at Tennessee Technological University. She has received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Electrical engineering-Control. Her research interests are Control Systems, Fault Detection, Robust Control, and Security of Systems.

Hamed Faghihian

Hamed Faghihian is a Ph.D. student of Mechanical Engineering at the University of South Florida (USF). He has Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and he received a master’s degree in Automotive Engineering dynamics systems. His research interest is within mechanical engineering and automotive engineering, as well as optimization, dynamics, vibrations, and control. He believes vehicles are the platforms of every possible new technology and there is a lot to do to make them smarter, more sustainable, and more efficient.


Jonas Cunningham-Rush

Jonas Cunningham-Rush is a graduate student at Tennessee Technological University currently working towards completing his Master’s in Mechanical Engineering. He received his Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from Tennessee Technological University. He has always been fascinated by cars and in his free time, you can always find him working on his own. This fascination has grown as vehicle technology has expanded.

Taryn Nicole Jones

Taryn Nicole Jones was a graduate research assistant studying robotics at Florida Polytechnic University. She received her undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Florida. Her interests include autonomous and connected vehicles, reconfigurable and soft robotics, renewable energy and biomimicry, and education reformation. The current projects on which she is working with Advanced Mobility Institute (AMI) include control systems as well as sensor attenuation. She enjoys being involved in her community by assisting in planning FL Polycon, local performances, and various activities at church.

Mauro Victorio

Mauro Victorio was a graduate student currently studying to complete his Master’s of Electrical Engineering at the Florida Polytechnic University. He received his bachelor of science in electrical engineering from Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica (ITA). He has 15-years of experience in product manufacturing and development working on a variety of projects such as Researches on Radar Warning Receiver based on Multi-Channel Bragg Cell, Infrared Thermal Cameras, semiconductor components in the DRAM manufacturing process, and Wrist band Heart Rate meter. He also has 10-years of experience in lecturing activities as a professor at engineering courses in Brazil.

Nathan Gardner​

Nathan Gardner is an undergraduate Computer Engineering student and is currently a Junior at Tennessee Technological University. Nathan came into this position from internship experience in the automotive engineering industry. Nathan enjoys tinkering with electronics or software and listening to music in his free time. Nathan’s focus at RANCS Lab is computer device interfacing and computer integration within the research vehicle. Nathan has been with RANCS research group since August 2021.

Miguel Fuentes Garcia

Miguel Fuentes is an undergraduate student of Mechanical Engineering at Tennessee Technical University. He is always working, from the documentation of manuals to the development of simulations using the knowledge acquired. He enjoys participating in outreach and social activities. His research interests are software development to real-life problems.

Gabrielle Tristani

Gabrielle was a research assistant aiming to get her bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with concentrations in Autonomous Systems and Cybersecurity at the Florida Polytechnic University. She simultaneously graduated from high school and college summa cum laude with an Associate of Science degree in computer science in 2018. Before graduating, she plans to explore different fields and concentrations relating to computer science and electrical engineering to get the best education she can in the fields that interest her.

Eric Chan

Eric Chan was an undergraduate studying Electrical Engineering with a specialization in Control Systems at Florida Polytechnic University. President of the Robotics Club at Florida Poly in 2018, he helped design and implement numerous robots for VEX, combat, and general applications. He has the intention to pursue a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, with research interests including renewable power systems, nonlinear control systems, and robotics.

Luis Garcia 

Luis Garcia was an undergraduate student working to complete his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering at Florida Polytechnic University. His concentration is in Control Systems, spurred by his animation for automation and robotics. A tinkerer by nature, his drawers are full of salvaged flyback transformers and dirty IC chips. His interests include robotics, manufacturing technologies, computer networks, and audio systems.

Jackie Gauthier

Jackie Gauthier was a student at Florida Polytechnic University who is pursuing a degree in Computer Engineering with a concentration in Machine Intelligence. Previously, Jackie was a Software Engineering Aide at Radiance Technologies. At Radiance Technologies, she assisted in the development of new software for the Department of Defense. Her research interests include but are not limited to Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Computer Vision. After Jackie graduated from Florida Polytechnic University in December of 2019, Jackie plans to pursue a Ph.D. in Machine Learning.