Our paper got selected as one of the best conference papers at the IEEE PES General Meeting 2019

We will present our paper entitled “Resilient and Stochastic Load Frequency Control of Microgrids” which has been selected as one of the Best Conference Papers at IEEE PES General Meeting 2019:

Session Type: Best Paper Session
Time: Monday, August 5, 2019 1:00 PM-5:00 PM
Room: Room 215


Resilient and Stochastic Load Frequency Control of Microgrids


Mohammad Reza Khalghani, Jignesh Solanki, Sarika Solanki, Arman Sargolzaei


Islanded microgrids including renewables are very uncertain systems that need additional communications and information exchange for Load Frequency Control (LFC) leading to Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS). This additional communication-based coordination of generators is called the secondary frequency control (SFC) of a microgrid. Moreover, Electric Vehicle (EV) batteries also participate in the SFC to adjust frequency deviation through a cyber interface. The SFC is highly susceptible to various types of cyber disruptions, e.g., False Data Injection (FDI) that can compromise sensor and actuator data to manipulate the decision-making process or trigger disruptive reconstructing actions that may result in blackouts. For detection and control of FDI, all uncertainties, including renewable energies and measurement noises, should be modeled and addressed to replicate actual conditions. This paper designs a resilient control approach against FDI to actuators in the presence of uncertainties which are formulated as Unknown Inputs (UIs). The proposed controller operates in two layers: with Stochastic Unknown Input Observer (SUIO) in the first layer to identify the microgrid states and UIs as well as optimal control in the second layer to mitigate the frequency excursions. The proposed resilient control framework is compared against traditional LQR using simulations to show superiority in performance.



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