Our new paper is accepted for publication by IEEE Transaction on Industrial Infromatics

Our recent paper entitled “Detection and Mitigation of False Data Injection Attacks in Networked Control Systems” has been accepted by IEEE Transaction on Industrial Informatics.


In networked control systems (NCS), agents participating in a network share their data with others to work together. When agents share their data, they can naturally expose the NCS to layers of faults and cyber-attacks, which can contribute to the propagation of error from one agent/area to another within the system. One common type of attack in which adversaries corrupt information within a NCS is called a false data injection (FDI) attack. This paper proposes a control scheme that enables a NCS to detect and mitigate FDI attacks and, at the same time, compensate for measurement noise and process noise. Furthermore, the developed controller is designed to be robust to unknown inputs. The algorithm incorporates a Kalman filter as an observer to estimate agents’ states. We also develop a neural network (NN) architecture to detect and respond to any anomalies caused by FDI attacks. The weights of the NN are updated using an extended Kalman filter, which significantly improves the accuracy of FDI detection. A simulation of the results is provided which illustrates the satisfactory performance of the developed method to accurately detect and respond to FDI attacks.


A. Sargolzaei, K. Yazdani, A. R. Abbaspour, C. D. Crane and W. Dixon, “Detection and Mitigation of False Data Injection Attacks in Networked Control Systems,” in IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics. doi: 10.1109/TII.2019.2952067

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