Smart Sensory Skin (S3)

Smart Sensory Skin (S3):

Biomonitoring devices have greatly improved on their elemental components mostly for heart rate monitoring and estimating caloric expenditures. The goal of this project is to make use of readily available technologies and exploring the untapped potential of these devices to meet the needs of professionals with more emphasis on aeronautics’ personnel, pilots, and military personnel who are subjected to specialized conditions. The research aims at using smart sensory skin (S3) technology to monitor users’ health in real-time and providing measures to improve their immediate conditions with enhanced comfort and energy-efficient units to ensure fitness while carrying out their tasks on the job. Here we introduce a newly developed algorithm to actively adjust the environment to reduce the stress level for individuals. The decision making design will be used to adjust the environments in real time in response to individuals vital changes. It will also improve the comfort level of users in different conditions which would result in better performance in critical situations such as space missions.

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Here are two demos for the initial stage of this project:


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