Security of Safety-Critical Cyber Physical Systems


With the rapid emerging growth in the applications of Cyber Physical System (CPS), its security shall be given a top priority of the design and development. Even though the defense mechanism of CPS’s are significantly improved over the past years, the cyber-attacks have been tremendously advanced by introducing a new generation of intelligent attacks such as Time Delay Switch (TDS), False Data Injection (FDI) attacks. The forthcoming threats have encouraged the researchers to explore the novel approaches for protecting the underlying CPS architecture against the recent types of attacks.

This requires vulnerability identifications along with smart integration of controllers, sensors, actuators and communication protocols in real-time. The goal of this multidisciplinary project is to demonstrate the weaknesses of the current communication protocols and control systems under attacks through extensive analysis, experimental and simulations results, while also being able to develop a cohesive method to resolve a category of cyber-physical attacks, TDS and FDI attacks, via control coupled communication strategies.


Selected Publications: